Quick Tips for your newly installed landscape

January 4, 2017


The first 2-3 weeks are the most crucial!

Depending upon what time of year, (dormant / in season)

Give your tree approximately 2-3 deep waterings a week.

Feed in the spring and at 1/2 the rate in July/August.

Always take into consideration:

  • How much sun

  • How much exposure

  • Is it a well-drained area

  • Is it in a damp area

*These questions will help determine the repetition of care you give.



Watering tips:  Daily to every other day; depending upon the time of year because these plants typically have a smaller root mass, they tend to dry up much quicker than a tree would.




Keep the mulch moist by watering twice daily from 1-2" depth - continue watering until seedlings are approximately 2" - begin mowing when the soil has chance to dry; after seed has grown 3-4".

Lack of water/watering is the number one reason for failure - simply said, the wetter you keep the hull of each tiny seed, the softer it gets, the quicker the seed germinates - assuming the seed was mulched with mushroom manure, straw, peat or hydro-mulch.





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January 4, 2017

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