Shrubs with colorful fruit

January 3, 2017

Aronia, Chokeberry - red or black persistent fruits



Calicarpa, Beautyberry - lavender berries

Celastrus, Bittersweet - orange fruits

Cotoneaster - scarlet, red berries

Ilex, Winterberry Holly - red persistent berries

Mahonia, Oregon Grapeholly - blue berries

Myrica, pensylvanica, Bayberry - silver, gray persistent fruits

Pyracantha, Firethorn - red or orange fruits

Rosa, Rose - red or orange rose hips

Viburnum nudum & v. cassinoides, Witherod - greenish white to pink to blue berries

Viburnum - red, blue or black fruits, sometimes persistent




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January 4, 2017

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