December 13, 2016


Hybrid, upright with trailing habit:

  • Caliente series:  Deep Red, Pink, Fire, Rose, Hot Coral, Burgundy Bicolor, Lavender

  • Graffiti series, fluffy petals:  Double Red, Double Salmon, Violet

Ivy, vining:

  • Blizzard White

Zonal, upright:

  • Americana series:  Rose Mega Splash, White Splash '09, Blue Wonder (lightest lilac), Evening Glow (salmon),

  • Rocky Mountain series:  Dark Red, Deep Rose, Light Pink, Magenta, Violet, White, Happy Thought (variegated leaf, hot pink flower)

Martha Washington, Regal

  • Elegance Series:  Burgundy, Lilac Sachet, Light Lavender Splash, Rose Bi-color

Seed Geraniums: 

  • Bullseye Cherry

Large Potted Geraniums:

  • Red, White, Violet, Pink, Salmon and White Splash










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