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How to Water your Trees, Shrubs & Perennial

How to water your plants the Right Way

Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

When: 2-4 Rule - Top 2-4 inches of soil around the rootball is dry. Best to do early morning between 6-8 am. But late afternoon or early evening is fine. Just be sure there is

enough time for the foliage to dry before dark.

Finger Test - Push fingers into soil against the root ball or the dripline to your knuckles or as far as the soil will permit without great struggle. ( from the tip of the finger to knuckle is about 4 inches.) If the soil is moist at 4 inch depth, you will not have to water.

How Much and How Often Water should penetrate or soak into the soil about 4-6 inches around the entire rootball or the plant's dripline.

The rate of drainage at planting site determines how often the plant will need water. Refer to the 2-4 Rule above.

Best Way to get the Job Done

Water the roots, not the leaves.

Gator Bag

Soaker Hose

Drip System