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Plant pansies and spring flowering bulbs, such as Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocuses, Dwarf Irises, Tulips, Snowdrops and Muscari to enjoy next year.

Experts recommend a healthy dose of an organically-balanced plant food, like Espoma's Bulb-tone, will provide more nutrition than a standard application of bone meal, and will help plants store food for use in early spring. A natural formula containing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium along with 12 other essential nutrients, will encourage healthy roots and improve heartiness. Here's what experts recommend: for new row plantings, sprinkle and mix Bulb-tone into the soil. Then, place the bulbs at their proper depth and cover with soil. For individual bulbs, add a small amount of light soil or sand to the Bulb-tone and soil mixture, then insert bulb and cover with soil.

Newly planted shrubs and trees should be watered regularly if the conditions are dry. Also, established evergreens will also benefit from periodic watering if we are experiencing drought conditions.

Begin preparations for reseeding the lawn. Good soil preparation is essential.

Transplant and divide peonies in mid-September.