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Quick Tips for your Newly Installed Landscape


The first 2-3 weeks are the most crucial!

Depending upon what time of year, (dormant / in season)

Give your tree approximately 2-3 deep waterings a week.

Feed in the spring and at 1/2 the rate in July/August.

Always take into consideration:

  • How much sun

  • How much exposure

  • Is it a well-drained area

  • Is it in a damp area

*These questions will help determine the repetition of care you give.


Watering tips: Daily to every other day; depending upon the time of year because these plants typically have a smaller root mass, they tend to dry up much quicker than a tree would.


For the best results, water the seedbed a little bit every day to keep the newly planted grass seed wet while it’s germinating.

Light watering twice or three times a day – in the early morning, early afternoon and late afternoon – will keep young seedlings moist while they are developing.

The germination process will stop if the soil gets too dry, so don’t allow the tender seedlings to dry out. One way to prevent this from happening is to use a top dressing of mushroom manure or peat moss, which will keep moisture close to the seed for the best establishment.

After a few weeks, reduce watering to two to three times a week and water deeply, at least 30 minutes in each zone. This puts water deep down into the root zone and promotes deeper root growth. Shallow waterings don’t provide the same benefit since much of the water is lost to evaporation and the roots stay at the surface because this is where the moisture is.

Once you begin to mow these new areas, the lawn will need about 1/2 inch of water when irrigated during the growing season. NEVER water the lawn at night. Excessive moisture on established grass leaves at night will increase the risk of fungal disease.

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