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If you planted any perennials in late October, check on them to see if a frost has caused them to heave from the ground. If so, step them back in.

The best time to fertilize trees, shrubs and woody vines is when they have lost their leaves indicating that they have gone dormant.

Transplant evergreens, deciduous trees.

Install deer fencing.

Install tree guards to prevent damage to the bark of the tree.

Tie up any arborvitae, juniper or sky pencil holly to prevent the shrub from splitting with the weight of a heavy snow.

Apply WILT STOP Plant Protector to stop winter kill, wind burn, salt damage and drying out. This can also be applied to extend the life of your Christmas tree.

In early November, start amaryllis and paper-white narcissus bulbs to force an indoor bloom for the holidays. These can take 6-8 weeks to bloom.